Lambda Sensor (Air:Fuel Ratio)

Lambda Sensor


A very high quality true wide range lambda probe, complete with control electronics, manufactured by Bosch. Simple 5V output for direct connection to the DL1 or DL2 dataloggers


  • Powered from the 12v supply
  • Includes controller, probe and cables ready to use
  • Available with optional display unit
  • Measurment range from 10 to 20 AFR (rich to lean)
  • Compatible with standalone engine management systems
  • Accuracy up to <0.1 AFR
  • Advanced sensor self calibration circuitry. No manual calibration required.
  • Wideband LINEAR analog output (0-5V)
  • Narrowband analog output (0-1V)
  • Direct replacement for standard narrowband sensor
  • 32 MHz advanced DSP technology
  • Built in resettable fuse (no external fuse required)
  • Sensor soft start circuitry, prolongs oxygen sensor life
  • Compact and professional design
  • "Plug and Play" installation
  • ISO 9002 certified assembly

For further information on the air/fuel ration sensor and its installation please visit our Knowledge Base here

Technical Data

Digital display

4 digit, 10Hz refresh rate


<0.1 AFR (wideband), <0.2 AFR (narrowband)

Measurement range

10 - 20 AFR

Supply voltage

9 - 18V

Operating temperature

0 - 70°C

Power consumption

18 W (typical), 30 W (max)

CPU clock speed

32 MHz
Main Product (GBP 209.00, AUD 377†)
Available Variations
Lambda sensor and DM5 display gauge (LAMBDAFULLPACKAGE) (GBP 279.00, AUD 504†)
Available Add-ons
Spare Lambda Sensor Probe (LAMBDAPROBE) (GBP 79.00, AUD 143†)
Lambda DM5 AFR Display gauge only (LAMBDADISPLAY) (GBP 89.00, AUD 161†)

† - note that the price is set in GBP, the exact amount charged to your card may vary according to your banks exchange rate.

* - Main product required.