LCD data area control on D2P

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LCD data area control on D2P

Postby BiKenG » Mon Jul 13, 2015 10:56 am

I'd like to see something a bit like arranging iOS apps in iTunes. So we could define the layouts we want, i.e. a layout being the data to use and how we wanted one LCD area to be displayed and then simply use those in any screens we wanted and able to frag them around into the different areas, use multiple times etc..

I find I want the exact same layout in several different Driver/Mode/Screen/positions and currently have to repeat the exact same setup for each instance. I really want to be able to just say, use that, here, and here and here etc.

So each layout would be like an iOS app that we can simply drag into whatever Driver/Mode/Screen/positions we want. So no repetitive setting up the same thing every time we want the same layout. I know we have some primitive copying rules and processes, but they do NOT allow copying even a single screen within the same Drive/Mode, let alone copying a single LCD area.

As I describe above it would extremely quick and easy to set up and use and modify. It would require some thought and development time for the interface of the configurator software, but worth it.
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