DL1 MK2 and Dash4

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DL1 MK2 and Dash4

Postby pigeondave » Tue Jan 23, 2024 9:06 pm

I am running a very old DL1 MK2 with the last firmware update available v43 (if I remember correctly).
I have just bought a second hand dash4 and was wondering what is the latest firmware I need to load onto it. Pressing some buttons it says it's running 6.0.70

Now I believe that the V10 software has later firmware.
Should I be using the updates on v10 for the dash4, and using the v8.5 for the DL1 MK2?

Or should I run it all from the v8.5 software?

I have managed to figure this out. I'm using v10 for the dash4

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