Tacho display

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Tacho display

Postby BiKenG » Sat Jul 04, 2015 6:31 pm

I made a mistake configuring the Tacho, thinking it was 1 pulse per revolution when it was obvious to see it should have been 2. So I've been stuck with the D2P displaying twice the rpm it should. Anyway...

I've now corrected this by setting it to 2 per revolution, but having made the change and sent the config. to the D2P, for some minutes the display was weird. It first indicated the bike was idling over 2k (i.e. as it had been previously), but it did not show any increase as the engine speed was raised. Then it seemed to disappear altogether, then after about a minute total (maybe less) it began displaying the correct idle speed and correctly showed an appropriate increase when the engine rpm was increased. It now seems to be working as it should. But...

Why did it take some time before working correctly? Does it somehow remember what it was set to and take time to reconfigure to the new settings? I would have expected it to immediately use the new configuration parameters, but I don't know how the D2P deals with new configuration uploads.

Why did it take almost a minute before working as it should?
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