Analog inputs and configurations

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Analog inputs and configurations

Postby BiKenG » Sat Jul 11, 2015 7:02 pm

There's something I'm just not getting here and would appreciate some assistance.

I'm just dealing with a single driver and each mode has the same first screen in which the 2 small LCD display areas are set to show Water and Ambient Air temperature. But they were not fully configured and so wrong. Today I took some measurements and set up the Analog inputs appropriately, then modified the display areas in the 3 modes (only the one driver don't forget) to suit and uploaded to the D2P.

I could immediately see that in the Test mode currently displayed, the temperatures were now displaying basically correctly. I may 'adjust' the equation later to improve accuracy but they were obviously correct according to what I had entered.

I quickly changed Mode to Practice to confirm everything was OK, but the temperatures seem to still be how they were before modifying the config today. I then checked Race Mode and it's the same as Practice, i.e. wrong. Only Test mode is actually using the new settings and data I've painstakingly entered today.

I thought I must have made an error in the set up, but I've checked everything and Screen 1 in each Mode is apparently set up in the exact same way, but once uploaded to the D2P (I tried that a second time) only the Test mode actually works as it is configured in the PC software.

I'm still learning about the D2P but thought I was getting the hang of it, then stuff like this happens.

Am I right in thinking that in the PC software the centre panel contains the set up info that exists for each Config. set and the 2 side panels are the global settings and therefore apply to ALL config. sets? It's almost as if the analog input settings I've entered are only being used for the one that was selected at the time, but I've looked into each set and the analog input settings are the same, which supports my belief that the side panels are global settings.

In which case, what the hell is going on? It seems quite simple to me. I've set it up on the PC how I want, but when uploaded, the D2P is doing something else. So either I'm doing something wrong, or the D2P is simply a flaky device. I hope it's the former and someone can point me in the right direction.
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