I need a manual for the manual of the D2P

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I need a manual for the manual of the D2P

Postby BiKenG » Sun Jul 12, 2015 8:26 am

In Section 7.2 we are able to look at the various internal values directly which is invaluable in looking at the voltages being received on the Analog Data Channels for setting up a suitable input equation. But you can also look at the 5V reference outputs, apparently like this:-

The RAW and CAL are the raw and calculated values from reading the output of the reference on the feedback. ON shows that the output is currently on. If the output is off then it will show OFF and the readings from the RAW and CAL values will show what is being read back from the pin as both a raw ADC reading and as a processed voltage.

Now I can see the words are English, but none of it makes any actual sense to me. First of all, ignoring the fact that in all other places CAL is apparently short for CALIBRATED, what here is the 'Calculated' value. It's a 5V output and that's that. What is there to calculate?

Then, how can it display whether it's ON or OFF? There is no control over this. Once the unit is powered, the outputs are ON. How can they ever be OFF?

The readings it displays are apparently being read back from the pin 'on the feedback'. What's that supposed to mean? There's no special 'feedback' to set up as far as I know. Again, it simply makes no sense.

RAW - OK, that is the actual voltage being supplied on those pins. That's clear and as it displays 5, it would appear to be exactly what is expected.

CAL - this is the 'processed voltage' and I've NO idea what that is supposed to be. What processing is being done? It's a 5V reference output and that's what it is - 5V. What processing is being done? Why do I see 16.5 (or something like that) being displayed? What processing is being done to turn 5 into 16.5? What is this telling me? It might as well be plucking a random number out of this air and displaying that.

As I've said before, the D2P is quite a complex piece of kit and I'm sure when you understand it all in depth, the manual makes sense, but when starting from scratch and trying to make sense of it all, the manual just seems to deliberately confuse. The words 'mud' and 'clear' come to mind, but not necessarily in that order.

I don't know why I'm still asking questions here on the forum as no-one replies. I thought support were supposed to use it to provide, well, er, support?
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