Pit Change-over Time

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Pit Change-over Time

Postby AndyTate59 » Wed Jul 29, 2015 4:24 pm

I have a DL1 club with a Dash4, everything works fine, but I was wondering if anyone had been able to workout how to create a display that will indicate the time in the pit area.
I'm running in the MSVR Trackday Trophy series, which is a 'mini enduro' type race, 45 min race with a pitstop, minimum of 1min-50secs for 2 drivers, etc.
At the moment we just use a standard stopwatch, but it would be realy neat if we could use the Dash4.
I have put a technical request into Race-Technology Ticket #: [RT1436966063], just over 2 weeks ago, but no reply yet!!

Andy Tate
HT Racing

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