Dash4pro oled configuration software

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Dash4pro oled configuration software

Postby ECOELEC » Sat Feb 17, 2018 4:44 pm


I'm using a Dash4pro and have installed the last software bundle (v8.5).
When I search for the dash configuration software, I only find the v2.1.1. (my DASH4 has actually the firmware v1.0.21 !)
I also didn't found anywhere to download the last version on the website.
Is there any way to convert the old screen config to the new version (if not it will be a large amount of work for me)
Any help?

I'm also developing a car simulator (LabView controlled) and use the dash4 to display to the pilot the same data as he will have on the real car (then coming from a DL1MK3 or a DL2).
I've developed some LabView VI to send data to the DASH4 but I'm experiencing problems for some variables (eg: acceleration, lap and sector timing, ...).
I've no problem to decode all messages coming from DL1 into LabView but when I send some previously received messages (from the DL1mk3) to the dash, the Dash doesn't have the expected behaviour. I think I've read all existing documentation on you website but is there any specific support document for developers?

Best regards

Jean-Michel (from Belgium)
Example of use of subVI (Labview functions) to send data to DASH4
Labview-to-DASH4.jpg (118.79 KiB) Viewed 3105 times

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Re: Dash4pro oled configuration software

Postby racetec » Thu Feb 22, 2018 12:51 pm


I'm not completely clear on the question, but:

- the latest version of the config software is available in the downloads section
- with the DASH4PRO, there is no separate firmware, the firmware and configuration are transferred together as a single process
- the DASH4PRO configuration software is backwards compatible, so you should be able to just load your layout into it

With regards inputting your own data, there are no known issues with the DASH4PRO at this time. We don't have any other information over and above what is already on our knowledgebase.

Best regards, Support (A)

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