Dash 2 firmware v10 toughts

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Dash 2 firmware v10 toughts

Postby Rub87 » Tue May 08, 2018 9:07 am


My old Dash2 unit had a electical issue due to ground issue in the car, it was repaired by the technical staff and I installed the unit.

Then it was upgraded to the latest v10 firmware (that came with the 8.5 software downloaded yesterday) in order to use the v8.5 configuration software.

I managed to configure the unit (its a bit lame the .dat configuration cannot be imported in the 8.5 SW as a base to make a .cmg) and its working well. I am using the dash2 together with a DL1 MK2

There are a few issues/thoughts that I would like to share concerning this firmware.

1: it only has like 3-4 items left in the menu of the display. For instance the option to display/hide the odometer is missing.

2:Sporatically the Analogue 2 channel of the DL1 is dislayed wrong. I use this for oil pressure with a standard 10bar sensor. when the error ocurs the display displays 6553.5, this is not physically possile as the formula for oil pressure is 2.5x-1.25, so even 12v would not make this value. when this occurs the other 7 analogues channel from the DL1 come in just fine. the voltage at the AN2 input is 0.496v with engine off key on. switching ignition of and on fixes the problem 9/10 times

3: There are only 5 alarm inputs possible. this is actually a downgrade to the old firmware, as there an alarm could be set on each input. For instance I would like to have alarm on: Oil temp (engine, box and diff), oil rpessure, coolant temp, EGT and fuel level, so 5 doesnt cut it for me.

Is there a chance you guys could adapt the firmware to adress above issues? If not its also fine, then I will revert back to v9.x firmware.

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Re: Dash 2 firmware v10 toughts

Postby racetec » Tue May 08, 2018 9:43 am

Many items could previously only be configured on the unit itself, these have been moved to the PC software. This is why the menus on the unit have been simplified.
I will check on the analogue equations, if it goes negative it should be clamped to zero so there is an issue there.
We might expand the alarms in the future but it was set at 5 as that is sufficient for most people.

The change to Version 10 was to make the unit compatible with some big PC software changes coming up which will greatly increase the number of available channels. With the way the firmware was structured in the DASH2 it just wasn't going to work with it. The main driving forces for it were the ability to read and write the configuration to the unit, making the software appear more like the other configuration software, and to simplify the setup for the user. It was never really about adding more features to the unit.


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