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Postby phil91 » Mon Aug 06, 2018 9:07 am

Hi, hopefully someone may have an idea on this or a fix up :-)

Having all sorts of trouble with DL1 club unit today. I’m using the latest 8.5 config software and Dash2 is connected to rear port of DL1 club logger and USB to PC USB.

So after entering in some settings and screen setups for the Dash2 today to fine tune the setup, I attempted to upload the file to the device and had errors saying couldn’t find the device. I rebooted PC several times and powered down and up the DL1 and Dash2 and kept trying with no success.

I then noticed that ALL FOUR leds on the front panel of the DL1 were flashing very quickly and not stopping and during this time the DL1 couldn’t talk to my PC and also the sensor info fed into the DL1 would not show on the Dash2 display.
With many attempts to make sense of this , removing the RS232 connection to the dash2 and testing, no change then powering down the Dash2 (still connected to the DL1 but Dash2 no power source) and leaving the logger standalone then DL1 would then boot up, show all flashing lights then go into normal mode.
So I checked power and earth to the DL1 and Dash2 and power ground were to one common supply point but I’d had a separate switches for DL1 and separate power switch for Dash2, I thought that may be an issues so both unit were rewired to share a common +12v power source and one switch to turn them on.

Attempts then to boot up DL1 with or without the dash2 connected still resulted in all lights flashing very fast on the DL1 front panel and not stopping and not talking to PC or Dash2 unit connected to it.
I disconnected the battery supply from the car for 30 minutes but still the same
Removing the RS232 and both large plugs from the Dash2 but still the DL1 wouldn’t not get past the 4 flashing LED lights

All the time this is happening (and now its ALL the time) the PC cannot talk/find the DL1 or Dash and the Dash2 cant find the data to display the sensors that are fed in from the Dl1

Although units are about 3 years old (did do a firmware upgrade a week or two back) they have never been in operation as the engine and race car project was put on hold for 3 years. I’ve been tinkering with configurations on the DL1 and Dash2 for the last week and didn’t experience any trouble like this
However all this stuff today has me concerned about the "reliability" of the system as this happened out of the blue and the race car hasn’t even turned a wheel or fired a spark in th e engine yet.
Hope there may be some solution and i hope its not "return to UK for repairs", the unit is new but purchased 3 years ago, been powered up for a total of 2 hours while i'm configuring the system and im based in Australia.
Computer is fine and has been used for other programming such as SM4 autronic ECU so i know its not related to the PC (also tested with 2nd laptop with no success).

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Re: Dl1 Club all LED's FLASHING FAST

Postby racetec » Mon Aug 06, 2018 9:25 am

Hi Phil

Thank you for your message.
Our technical support team will be in touch with you in response to the email you have sent to Race Technology.

Kind regards,

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