Dash2 on Clio 2 Mk1 2.0 16v with original harness and sensor

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Dash2 on Clio 2 Mk1 2.0 16v with original harness and sensor

Postby Seiz » Tue Jul 22, 2014 1:17 pm


I'm french so please excuse my English.

First of all, congratulations for the support that you bring to your customers. It is much appreciated!

If I posts here is that I need you. I wired my new dash2 on the origin of my Clio beam. I transplanted information on the original counter terminals.

The dash2 is on and basic functions are ok (flashing backlight ....) The wheel speed also.

For cons, I blocks on the rest despite a lot of testing and trial.

I blocks on the engine speed (RPM), no way to have a usable signal by dash2. Yet it is a single thread "engine input speed" on the original beam. Is there something more to the side of the motor flywheel sensor?

Side temperature sensor water so I blocks. The received signal is a resistor not a voltage.
How do I use this signal and with what kind of formula?

Then, also blocked the fuel level. The gauge goes from 0 to 300 ohms but how set in dash2?

Finally, I also have a problem with an oil temperature sensor VDO I can not use the same signal and also with the pressure sensor.

In short, not easy to install but I do not despair of solving these problems thanks to you!

Best regards


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Postby Support » Tue Jul 22, 2014 2:00 pm

Hello there Seiz,

Thankyou very much for your kind words. I will certainly be able to help you with your issues and hopefully get you up and running in no time.

I will cover each of your issues one at a time.

Engine RPM - This can often be tricky to achieve as there are many different ways in which you can connect with various levels of success, it looks from your post as if you are taking a signal from the back of the vehicles existing dials. Are you seeing any signal at all on the display? If you are, but it is reading incorrectly, this can be changed using the pulses per revolution in the DASH2 configuraiton software. if you are not seeing a signal at all, then please make sure that the RPM is set to be taken from the DASH2 via the menus on the display. These can be accessed via a set of buttons which can be connected to the dash's wiring harness. In the menu scroll to SPEED RPM GEAR and ensure that DASH RPM is set to YES.

Water Temperature sensor - From your explanation, you are trying to use the existing vehicle sensors, it is correct that this sensor will be outputting a varying resistance based on the temperature. In order for us to utilise this sensor we need to convert this varying resistance into a varying voltage which can then be input into the built in analogue inputs of the DASH2. To do this, we need to create a potential divider circuit using the DASH2's 5v reference and a pull up resistor. Information on this can be found by following the link below to the knowledge base on our website;


Fuel level Sender - This is the same as the above regarding the water temperature sensor. We simply need to create the above circuit to create a varying voltage instead of the varying resistance we have currently.

Oil temperature & Oil Pressure - Again the above information will help you with this.
Posted by Race Technology Support

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Postby Seiz » Tue Jul 22, 2014 10:01 pm

Thank you so much for your answer. In France I have not found any info and this may be a first (I like to be avangardist).

I actually would like to re-use the original temperature sensor because the ECU use it again.
I have not (yet) mounted programmable ECU.

Firstly, I finally understood what it meant to "pull up".

I had not found this link because the title did not speak to me.

I'll already try with the temperature sensor has 3 pin (A/B1/B2). B1 and B2 are for the ECU. A is for the dashboard and the sensor's body is ground.

So, I'm going to do it (I've buy 1kohm resistor) were "wire 1" was A on my sensor.

I already make a statement of resistance from 20 to 100 degrees but live (without pull up). It is good or I have to re-start with the pull up?

If it's good I put this measure in table for generate equation ?

Then, for fuel level, I can make same thing but with 500ohms pull up ? There is no ground on the fuel gauge but 2 thread (called "signal - level fuel" and "signal + level fuel") .
So I would use this setup:


Finally, the engine RPM, actually I have set as indicated but no movement on the dash.
Are there any specific parameters to be set in 'RPM speed "?
The sensor is not "Hall effect" but as inductive types:


Maybe it's the problem?

To check the type of signal I bought a small learning oscilloscope.
I will test it all soon!

I hope to make rapid progress thanks to you!

I will keep you informed of any progress so that it benefits more!

PS :
Oil temperature sensor :

Oil pressure sensor :

And bonus, my car !!!

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Postby Seiz » Tue Jul 22, 2014 10:38 pm

It works!!!!!! Too happy!

Image Image

Another big thank you!

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Postby Seiz » Thu Jul 24, 2014 7:52 am

Hello there.

So after several attempts, the water temperature is displayed. Remains to check the values.

Then I attacked the fuel level. Resistance of 300ohm because the gauge goes from 0 ohm to 300 ohms.
I just hangs on the type of equation to put in the dash configuration? Have you any idea?
I've put y=-12x + 60 but values are min=0 and max=1,5
The tank is 0 to 60 liters.

Another detail to check , when dash2 is connected, I can not turn off the engine with the key ? Key removed the engine still running.
I unplug the dash2 and then the engine shuts off.
Weird !

See you. ;)

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Postby Seiz » Wed Jul 30, 2014 11:50 am

Hello !

Some news about my work.

Firstly, after having connected the water temperature sensor, so I attack the fuel gauge.

With a resistance of 300ohms it works perfectly!

Then I wanted to continue with the oil temperature sensor and I ran quickly to a problem.

Indeed, the 5v power dash2 only supports two sensors! Even low power consumption. I'm guessing using Monitor Lite.

So, I remade my setup and created a small 5v power supply board.

This provides that:

The stabilized 5V supply is very simple to manufacture, see for yourself (1 € component!)

So after that I could continue working. Sensor VDO oil temperature type is cable with a resistance of 1Kohm. It only remains for me to make the measurements with Monitor Lite to create an equation.

Then I started the 4th sensor, pressure sensor oil. There I measured under 10b what resistance I should. 10M Ohms! too!
The probe came from a Clio Cup 2 so I could not use it.
Luckily, I had another probe in stock brand VDO. that it ranges from 0 bar up to 11ohms 173ohms 10 bar.
So I used a resistance of 100ohms.

After several tests, it works. I have determined with Monitor lite need an equation like this: y = 0.8144x-2.8112x ² ² + 4.4485x -1.5317

Here's how I managed to do these steps:

Now that almost everything is set on the side of the sensors (it remains to be tested in real), I am addressing the engine speed.

, I really blocks!

The engine control unit which is connected to TDC converts the signal to send to the original meter.

After measuring the signal with an oscilloscope, this one looks like this:

0.1V amplitude and a variable frequency depending on the engine speed.

So, impossible to directly exploit this signal by the dash 2 (I did not find the minimum values ​​that must be why)

In your opinion, should I use a signal amplifier?

I found a small pattern that would allow me to have a good amplification :

Do you know if this is a good solution?

Thank you very much.


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