Config Sensors with known characteristics

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Config Sensors with known characteristics

Postby Hustler » Wed Jan 28, 2015 11:29 am

Hello Gays, it´s Andre, a newbie about RACE TECHNOLGY,
About configuration Analogue Inputs with known sensor resistance characteristics.

Please test it.
Download this table from my side and open it.
Fill the column "R2-NTC Ohm characteristic" with the known values.
Try different resistors (R1) for maximum voltage difference and accurate values in the relevant area with the help of the diagram.
Take a resistor to the nearest center value and measure with a ohm-meter the exact value.
Put this value in the R1 cell.
Copy the orange X Y cells

Open your DL1 Configuration,
>Analogue Inputs
>Input equation [V]
>Generate an equation from a table
>Paste the copied values in the "Input X (Volts) Output Y" field.
>Fit a curve (polynominal)
>If necessary, copy the formula into a text file. Get them in the correct format.
from -3,07 * x^3 + 25,8 * x^2 - 91,8 * x + 181
to ((((-3,07) * (x ^ 3)) + (25,8 * (x ^ 2))) - (91,8 * x)) + 181
>Add them back into the format field.
>Send Configuraton

Test your sensor with the selected R1 resistor.

@ Support
If I fill out the fields in the DL1 Configuration, Analogue Inputs, Input equation [V], Custom,
Generate an equation from a table, Fit a curve (polynominal),
i get an error message:
"Error: Error in Expression Syntax, at position xx"
What am I doing wrong?

sorry my english

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Postby Bikey » Wed Jan 28, 2015 5:50 pm

FWIW, you can enter your values and voltages in the "custom equation" field for a variable (in the Analysis software) and it will spit out an equation in the proper form, no need to worry about syntax errors.

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Postby Hustler » Thu Jan 29, 2015 3:13 pm

Thank you Bikey,
works fine.

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