Oil Pressure Readout

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Oil Pressure Readout

Postby striker » Wed Oct 12, 2016 4:51 pm

Following on from a successful resolution to the fuel sender problem I hope this is the final problem to resolve :D

I'm running a CAN connection from a DTA S40 to the Dash 2 where rpm, speed, air and engine temp display correctly.

I have the oil pressure displayed but it counts up to around 650 then resets and starts counting again at engine idle speed.

In the DTA map I have the following settings.

VDO10 bar sensor selected; Filter value set at 5;
Both 40 psi and approximately 720 - 750mV are correctly displayed in real time at idle.

The Dash 2 settings are:

Scaling y=x; filtering 0.5; No. of samples 100; Native inputs mBar; Decimal places 2

I have set the DTA to display in bar to coincide with the Dash 2 but this gives the same result - count to 650 then reset to zero and start again.

Any suggestions will be greatly welcomed.

Thanks :wink:

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Re: Oil Pressure Readout

Postby striker » Thu Dec 01, 2016 5:10 pm

Having to return to this after being side-tracked with other things.

I've now noticed that what was once a functioning fuel level readout is "stuck" on 2.4 - no matter where I place the fuel level sender. The voltage range feeding the Dash2 changes and gives the same values as it did previously (0.2 to 4.7 volts) and so the equation remains the same.

The "counting" of the oil pressure also occurs when the ignition is switched on - no need for the engine to be running

I wondered then whether these two problems were in any way connected so I've reflashed the Dash but the errors remain.

I then connected the Lite monitor to the Can Cable from the DTA and noted that the "native inputs" for oil pressure jump from 8000 to 11000 and the "Rate" varies from 0 to 33HZ with the word "fast" also flashing. This was with ignition on but without the engine running

I then loaded the DTA monitoring software and that shows the oil pressure switch reading 80mV with the engine switched off and 775mV for a displayed 70 psi with the engine running.

Bearing in mind that water temp is shown correctly on the Dash 2 is it worth reflashing the CAN lead?

Still doesn't explain my fuel level though :?

Support (D)
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Re: Oil Pressure Readout

Postby Support (D) » Fri Dec 02, 2016 9:24 am


Would you be able to send me the following:

* Map file from the DTA S40
* Configuration file from the DASH2
* Information on when and where the DASH2 was purchased

Send them to: daniel@race-technology.com

I'll take a look and contact you shortly.

Best regards,

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