CF card Numbering

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CF card Numbering

Postby Peter Carroll/Toronto » Sun Jun 13, 2010 9:17 pm

Another small inconvenience is that the CF card file numbering for all devices seems to always start at 1 or the next highest number based on what's on the card already.

This makes it complicated to use more than one card for a given day. It wasn't so bad with the DL1 as a day or even a weekend fits easily on a recent CF card. But the Video4 files are huge. I either have to empty or swap the card frequently. There is the potential for file name conflicts.

It would be very nice if the devices (DL1, Video4, etc) kept a sequence number in their non volatile ram to base the file on - like a digital camera does. It would be even better if it used the time for the file name - like it does for the folder. Then there could never be a conflict and files would still sort correctly.



You could never have more than one file in a given second. But I don't see that as a hardship.

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Postby Support » Fri Jun 18, 2010 10:25 am

Yes - we were aware of this inconvenience, but there is no simple and safe solution unfortunately. Internal to the VIDEO4 there is lots of internal storage, but if we write to this when the VIDEO4 is in operation there is a small risk that it will corrupt the storage (if we lose power whilst we are writing) and damage the firmware and/or configuration.

We ae reviewing this and if we come up with a perfect solution we will add it in.

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