VIDEO4 cameras alignment: a suggerence...

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VIDEO4 cameras alignment: a suggerence...

Postby Xavier » Sat Mar 26, 2011 11:26 am

After upgrade to VIDE04 widescreen option, I've seen that the RT 3.5" LCD monitor I'm using for camera alignment is nearly useless using a 4 camera layout due to the poor monitor resolution.

I've tought that may be RT could provide us a more precise camera alignment tool using the Start/Stop button of the unit this way:

• Press and hold button when the unit has no CF card goes to 'single camera view mode' , where LCD monitor show full video comming from the first available camera as long as we need to make the desired camera position adjustement.

• Press same button briefly cycle to the next camera, repeating adjustments.

• Press and hold button at any time (or inserting the CF card) to return to standar view mode.

Not sure if this is possible via some future firmware update, but I think this would be really a major improvement.


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