DL1 usb improvements request, Labview VI?

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DL1 usb improvements request, Labview VI?

Postby ECOELEC » Sat Mar 30, 2013 6:13 pm

Hello everybody,

I'm using a DL2 and a DL1 MK3 with Dash4pro and experience with RT since 5 year. I've developed my own ECU wich send its own datas in the DL's. I have 3 requests.

First: it could be really interesting that the DL1 MK3 USB link stream the DL1 datas. It would allow monitor and monitor lite to be able to see the DL1 datas with only a simple USB cable. I tried the last firmware but weater it was announced in a 2005 post, it seems not be integrated yet.
More f this, if the DL1 could be powered by USB 5V (+a eventual Traco 5->12V inside) and the CF could be seen as a disk drive, it would be the nirvana.

The second request is that have the project of creating my own "monitor" application with Labview. It should be great to have a "vi" (labview virtual instrument) to recept and decode the incoming RT datas (and perhaps to send some). A half solution should to have a DLL usable into Labview. My intention is to create a high performance test bench monitoring application (Labview also pilot the test bench system and the car control).
If anybody has already done it, i'm interested.

My last request: i experience trouble with the frequency measurements. Under a certain frequency, the DL freeze the frequency measured value to a non zero one. My solution is to implement a reset of the frequency if no pulse is recorded after a defined time (0,5s for example).

Best regards (and sorry for my bad "english", i'm french speaking).

Jean-Michel alias ecoelec


Postby Support » Thu Apr 04, 2013 1:00 pm

Hello, and thanks for the email.

Outputting on the USB port has been on the list for a while, and will be in a future version of the firmware - I agree it would be really useful.

With regards powering from the USB port, that isn't possible at this time. The DL1 has quite a complex power supply that includes all the automotive protection, so it's unlikely we want to make it any more complicated!

With regards labview, we've not had enough enquires about this to make us think it is a good idea, however all our serial protocol, is published, so putting together a DLL is certainly possible.

With regards the frequency measurement, we are aware that if the frequency channel goes from a value to nothing (0Hz) then the reading stays at the old value, I *think* that has already been addressed in the new firmware which is about to be released (1-2 weeks?)

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Decoding DLL?

Postby ECOELEC » Thu Apr 04, 2013 3:04 pm

Thank you for your answers.

For decoding RT frame into a Windows based software (like Labview), a usable decoding DLL should be usefull (with the header file). If it's possible to put one on your website, it should be great.

Actually, i've modified the second COM spliter connector of the DL1 to broadcast the Txd of the first COM port. I also connect the 12V on the 9th pin and use a cheap LM-058 long range bluetooth interface. It's a great solution for padocq and for small range (500m in open field) telemetry.

It should be interesting to develop a small application for mac (Ipad/Iphone) or some tool to do it. If i do it before you, i'll share it.

For powering the DL1 with the USB port, it's possible to do it with a "XP POWER - IL0512S - CONVERTER, DC/DC, 2W, 12V" (http://be.farnell.com/xp-power/il0512s/converter-dc-dc-2w-12v/dp/8728119) for example. This component is isolated and protected against powering it at the 12V output. If the DL1 is battery plugged, the DC/DC converter is equivalent to it's output small capacitor. I'll test it.

Best regards


Postby Support » Tue Apr 09, 2013 10:14 am


If you can email me directly at andrew@race... blah blah, I'll email you the decoder DLL.

Sounds like lots of fun!!

Kind regards,


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