Missing standard channel names

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Missing standard channel names

Postby Peter Carroll/Toronto » Sun Aug 17, 2014 6:12 pm

Mapping analog channels into standard names was a big step forward. And I understand there is a historical ECU related reason for the names that are there. But I think there are a few more names that could be added. This would help normalize PC configs between multiple customers. i.e. changing the variables file makes it hard to compare two drivers in different cars in the same Analysis session.

Missing names like:

Brake Pressure Front
Brake Pressure Rear
Fuel Level
Differential Temperature

Basically, variables that are not ECU related but would be used frequently for driver analysis. I know it's easy to map them to something else and then rename the channel in Variables. But it would be a lot easier to have a standard name for popular stuff like this.

Would be nice to have...

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