CAN wheel speed and gear dificulties

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CAN wheel speed and gear dificulties

Postby Joao Basso » Wed Nov 08, 2017 12:25 pm


My system is configured to read 4 wheel speeds from the 4 wheels in this BMW 1 series.
Those 4 wheel speeds are assigned (on the CAN config tool) to 4 frequency channels (freq 25 to 29).
3 of those 4 channels are readable in my Dash3 but the the FL wheel (Freq 25) always reads zero.
I believe that the ABS wheel speed sensor is reading well as the car does not indicates any ABS problem.
The configuration of the 4 wheels speeds uses the same logic and I reviewed it several times without finding any error.
Unfortunately I can not drive the car with the Lite Monitor on as I have no battery in my PC...

There are some possibilities that I did not test yet:

1. Reducing the number of CAN channels logged. I'm reading 14.
2. Reducing the number of channels in the wheel speed page of the Dash3. I'm reading 10 channels.

Can any of this be the problem? Any other ideias?

Now a second problem that may be related to the wheel speed problem: I can't make the Gear channel work well.

Previously I was reading speed and RPM from the OBD and the gear calculation worked fine.

Now I only read speed from 3 wheels and the gear takes some time to work... I suspect that it is reading GPS speed and it takes some time to get the signal. But I don't want to rely on GPS signal for the gear calculation.

So my question is: how can I force the Gear channel to read speed from the wheels?
By the way, wheelspeed channel reads zero.

Any ideias of what may be causing those problems?

João Basso

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