How to add chapters manually to video for dvd output

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How to add chapters manually to video for dvd output

Postby Crhoades » Wed Jul 03, 2013 10:04 pm


I have used Adobe Premiere Elements 11 to combine more than one gopro exported video with overlay files. Once they are on the timeline, I can add scene/chapter markers and generate a dvd.

I am now looking into the DVD burn functionality natively. I can see where you can add titles by adding various video files, but when it comes to chapters, it looks like you can only load a .chp chapter file.

Researched how to make these files, and from what I can tell, you can only do it as a configuration of automated conditions within the Video 4.

Is there a way to create chapter markers after the fact? Ideally within the analysis software with the video synchronized to the data, I could put a cursor in a data point and add a chapter marker.

Am I missing something or is this now need to be moved to a feature request? :wink:



Postby Support » Tue Jul 09, 2013 11:57 am


You are right, these are only generated from the VIDEO4.

To be honest the DVD burn program isn't used as much as we expected and it isn't likely to be developed further - so other than any bug fixes that come up, it's likely to stay mostly as it is. There is more interest in fast/slick generation of videos in "electronic formats" for playback from USB etc these days so this is where we would like to concentrate our development efforts.

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