Adding analogue Oil TMP sensor

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Adding analogue Oil TMP sensor

Postby freak9882 » Wed Jul 13, 2016 8:08 pm


my name is Andre and I'm from Germany, so please excuse my bad English. :D

I'm using the Dash2 in my Seven and quite happy with it, but now I want to add an analogue Oil temperature sensor and can't get it work.
When I enter the values, I can't see anything in the field scaling y=

Also when I want to update the values for the fuel sender, same problem.

Help would be appreciate. I have all the necessary data here, but it doesn't work. Below some screenshots.

I'm quite sure that I make a simply, but important mistake.....


Support (D)
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Re: Adding analogue Oil TMP sensor

Postby Support (D) » Thu Jul 14, 2016 2:05 pm

Hi Andre,

Okay so from the images you sent it appears the equation cannot be made from the values you have entered into the software.

You need to copy the values from the attachment I have added in this reply into the 'enter an equation manually' feature in the software.

To be honest the sensor that you are using doesn't have very good resolution as it is a VDO type sensor. However the equation in the attachment should still work and get you up and running.

As for the fuel level sener have you read the notes on our knowledge base yet? I have added a link to the info below: ... FuelSender

Kind regards,
Support (D)
dash VDO temp cal .png
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