Angle lean

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Angle lean

Postby cosTTy » Mon Nov 09, 2020 3:04 pm

Hello everybody!
I want to buy the software, so i tried the free trial and I need some answers about it.
1) First of all i have seen a meaningful difference between the sequences of the video and the datas loaded: as an example, while watching a video, a frame shows me 50 degrees but the motorcycle is yet straight; after a bit less one minute the motorcycle engages a corner. So i need to know if the significative difference is due to the free trial ( the paid software will work better) or it is due to something else (wrong impostation, not precise software, gps not working well ecc..).
2) Then, how much are the datas trusted? How is the risk of errors about lean angle's misuration?

Thank you!

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