Dash2 powering up issue

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Dash2 powering up issue

Postby Mysticarl » Wed Jun 22, 2022 9:16 am

I have a Dash2 unit which was working OK using the OBD2 cable, but has suddenly developed powering up issues.

When you connect power, it illuminates a random selection of top LEDs before they fade to off and the current draw from then on is around 20mA.
• I’ve bypassed all the wiring and tested it powered directly onto the connector pins and the behaviour is the same, is there anything most likely to be wrong?
• Can you tell from the power draw if it’s a regulator issue or the microprocessor has failed?
• Are there instructions anywhere on opening the unit so I could do a basic visual check on the pcb for issues?

Thanks for any help.

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