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This page includes most of the available firmware for Race Technology products. These can be downloaded and reflashed on to the relevant product. Please contact us if the product you are looking for is not shown.

Please note that it is not routinely necessary to reflash products from Race Technology, it should only be carried out for one of the following reasons: -

  • There is a problem with the data logger and after contacting the factory, you've been asked to reflash the logger.
  • There has been a new release of the firmware containing new features you wish to make use of.
  • When you try to connect the data logger to the software you get a message saying that your firmware is out of date.

This firmware has been made available as a service to our competent and experienced customers. If you are in any way unsure how to perform the reflashing procedure, or which firmware your product requires, do not attempt to reflash. Race Technology accepts no responsibility for user error whilst reflashing, and any resultant malfunctioning product will have to be returned to Race Technology to be fixed at your cost.

For information on reflashing products, please see our Knowledge base reflashing section here

Please note: Many products (including DL1 CLUB, DASH4PRO, DASH2 PRO and SPEEDBOX) now have the firmware and reflashing facility built into the configuration software. For the latest firmware versions please update your Race Technology software installation regularly.

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Under no circumstances should the software be modified. All Race Technology products contain checking routines to ensure the software is correct. If the software is found to be incorrect, the data logger will no longer function. You will not be able to reprogram the data logger and it will have to be returned to Race Technology to be fixed at your cost.