Pedal Position Sensor



An economical, short stroke linear position sensor ideal for use in detecting pedal position. Glass reinforced nylon body with 10mm electrical stroke and spring loaded plunger.

Technical Data

Resistance 5 kohm linear (±20%)
Linearity ±2%
Temperature coefficient 0 to 200 ppm/°C
Output smoothness 0.5% max
Operating temperature -40 to +130°C
Mechanical travel 12.5mm
Operating force 2 to 7.5N
Mechanical life 5 x 106 cycles


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Main Product (GBP 30.00)
Available Add-ons
Cable length - 1m (CABLE 1M) (GBP 5.00)
Cable length - 2m (CABLE 2M) (GBP 9.50)
Cable length - 3m (CABLE 3M) (GBP 14.00)
Cable length - 4m (CABLE 4M) (GBP 18.50)
Cable length - 5m (CABLE 5M) (GBP 23.00)

* - Main product required.

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