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AX22 / OptionalAnalogueOutputs

1.  Optional AX22 analogue outputs

If your AX22 has been fitted with the optional analogue output board the rear of the AX22 will have 3 BNC connectors as shown:

Looking at the rear of the AX22 as shown in the picture then from the left we have outputs for lateral acceleration, longitudinal acceleration and speed.

1.1  Speed Output

The speed analogue output sits at 0.5v when measuring 0 mph/kph and 4.5v at 200mph/kph, so:

Speed [MPH/KPH]= (voltage - 0.5v)*50

Speed is set to either MPH or KPH depending on the selected units in the AX22s configuration.

1.2  Acceleration Outputs

Both acceleration outputs are "zeroed" on 2.5v and have a scale of 1v per g, so the outputs swing from 0.5v at -2g to 4.5v at +2g. so:

Acceleration [g] = voltage -2.5v

Page last modified on August 22, 2007, at 08:50 AM