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AX22 / TechSpecification

Technical Specification

Display Type 20 x 2 characters, STN type with LED backlight
Memory Compact flash type I, using FAT16 file format. Minimum card size 32MB, maximum 2GB
GPS Update at 5Hz of position, speed, positional and speed error estimate with no interpolation. Tracking loops optimised for autosport applications up to about 4g. Tracks all the satellites in view
GPS serial port GPS data output can be configured by the PC, standard output is for the NMEA messages of RMC and GGA at 1Hz
AX22 serial port Real time data output at 115kbaud, format available on request. Data can also be input for storage on the flash card and accessed from the software. More information is available on request.
Accelerometers 3 axis, precision digital output. A guaranteed 2g deflection in all directions with a resolution of better than 0.005g. Optional 6g sensor available as a factory fit option, with a resulting resolution of 0.02g.
Speed Derived from a combination of GPS and longitudinal acceleration. Data is combined using a statistically based filter, self optimising at every time step.
Position Post processed in the software using a combination of GPS data and accelerometers.
RPM Buffered input for a 5v to 15v signal at a frequency up to 1kHz. Scaling from frequency to RPM can be set in the analysis software.
Lap Beacon An external lap beacon input is included for optical triggering. This input is not currently used and is included for expansion.
Internal expansion Internal expansion is provided by a high-speed serial bus.
Power Supply 12v nominal input, standard AX22 requires about 150mA. Input tolerance approximately 9v to 18v.
GPS RF connection SMA type connector, with 3.3V supply to the antenna

"WARNING": To avoid any possible damage to the car paintwork, please take care when mounting magnetic GPS antennas. In particular make sure that there are no dust or grit under the antenna. In some cases it maybe required to add additional protection to the paintwork prior to mounting the antenna to avoid damage.

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