DASH2 PRO - Powerful and ultra configurable display with powerful processing. A complete system in one compact component with built-in GPS data logging and optional control outputs


The DASH2 PRO specification has changed as of 1st July 2017. All units will now include built-in GPS data logging (+ accelerometers) and the advanced options bundle as standard. The price of the basic DASH2 PRO has increased to reflect these changes. If you are looking for just a display unit, the standard DASH2 unit can fulfil these requirements.

The DASH2 PRO is a complete and ultra configurable display system using powerful data processing and a range of enhancement options. The enhancement options available customise the DASH2 PRO to your application (including CAN communication options to decode ECU or CAN bus data, additional analogue inputs and output controller options) so you can have a complete road/race ready system within one ultra compact die-cast aluminium case. The DASH2 PRO shares the same compact case as the standard DASH2 but that is where the similarity ends, the DASH2 PRO features an all new display and internals.

What does the DASH2 PRO do?

The DASH2 PRO is a vehicle display system that has everything required to pass an IVA test (road legal) so you can replace your entire vehicle dashboard with the DASH2 PRO unit. The DASH2 PRO contains a GPS receiver and accelerometers for accurately measuring lap and sector times, vehicle speed and position. The accelerometers measure grip usage under braking and cornering. Lap and sector times can be displayed as GPS lap/sector markers are passed, and all data can be stored to internal memory for data analysis using the supplied PC software. The unit displays sensor data in the user's preferred units, and warnings can also be set for critical channels. The unit has 5 screens of data which can be scrolled through using buttons (not supplied). The unit is configured using PC software via USB cable connection. Displayed data, units, alarms, shiftlights, RPM scale etc is all configurable to the user's exact requirements.

What are the standard features of the DASH2 PRO?

The standard features of the DASH2 PRO are shown below. Any enhancement options will be in addition to these standard features.

  • Built in GPS data logging and 2g accelerometers, a complete data logger and display in a single compact package.
  • Powerful data processing provides car computer functions, advanced alarms and display configuratin options e.g. different RPM scale/shift lights at low engine temperatures.
  • The LCD contrast and backlight brightness can be adjusted to your preference, in both day and night modes.
  • When the alarms are triggered the backlight will also flash for a more noticeable warning.
  • Reset any variables or a group of variables using an assigned button.
  • Use the powerful processing to perform calculations on live data and display the results live.
  • Road legal dashboard, everything you need for an MOT and IVA test including warning lights.
  • Transflective LCD display with back light, clearly visible under any lighting conditions.
  • Integrated high brightness shiftlights.
  • Fully configurable and suitable for any engine installation.
  • Water resistant - suitable for open top and motorcycle applications.
  • Gear position indicator calculated or via gear box sensor.
  • Set different shiftlight brightness for day and night.
  • Monitor your engine with high/low alarms.
  • 5 user defined screens to display the information you want.
  • Can be set up for MPH/miles or KPH/km.
  • Configurable peak RPM feature and RPM scale.

The DASH2 PRO comes supplied with the hardware required for upgrading to any of the advanced features and enhancements quickly and easily.

Output Drivers/4 analogue

Built-in ECU Interface

6g Accelerometers

CAN Communication

PWM Output

Second Serial Port


Why would I need all of these features? - Example setups

A simple example would be to have the DASH2 PRO with the GPS data logging (now a standard feature). This would allow for a very neat, lightweight and compact system without sacrificing performance. The built in GPS receiver accurately measures speed, position and all lap/sector timing (lap timing can be displayed live in the vehicle on the DASH2 PRO display). The onboard accelerometers measure the grip usage (2g range available with the data logging option, 6g option also available), essential for driver performance analysis. All of this data is recorded along with the sensor data entering the dash, bringing important engine and RPM data in to data analysis.

An example system using the advanced features bundle (now a standard feature) and the output drivers options would work like this: -

Viewing the display in testing is useful, but in a race environment the driver does not always have the time think about what the values mean. Therefore, the different screens are used to change the screen layout for each. For race day the dash is set to be fairly blank and rely on alarms to warn of any parameters going out of safe limits. When triggered, the alarm flashes the screen backlight and LEDs with the display text informing the driver what the problem is and when it occurred, preventing any major engine damage without having to constantly monitor the engine parameters.

The display is set to show lap and sector times to give the driver an indication of their performance; but most importantly the shiftlights are set up to constantly display the time slip rate in a clearly interpretable format: lots of green = very good, green = good and red = slower etc. With this the driver is aware of their performance constantly (not just at lap/sector points) helping to stay consistent and improve throughout the entire track.

Having highlighted an area for driver improvement in practice using the analysis software - a corner is highlighted where maximum cornering g forces could have been higher and this is the driver's focus for improvement during the race. In order to monitor driver performance in this corner it would not be possible to simply look at the display whilst cornering, so the advanced lap timing features are used to display "Maximum cornering g force" and "Minimum cornering speed" at the sector point setup on the following straight. This gives an almost instant analysis of the corner statistics in the sector and allows for improvement with the safety of information. The RPM scale on the display is clearly visible, however with the shiftlights being used to display the time slip rate the output drivers option is used to control a simple but very bright auxiliary shiftlight in plain view of the driver.

Using the powerful live data processing it is possible to set up the DASH2 PRO to indicate when traction is lost at the wheels. Using either the CAN communication option to use any existing wheel speed sensors on the vehicle, or 4 wheel speed sensors wired in through a separate data logger. An equation can be applied live; comparing the average speeds of the front to the back wheels. An alarm can be set up to indicate when there is a definite difference - flashing the backlight and LEDs when this occurs.

Look after your engine, especially if you race in cold environments; the advanced options bundle offers alternative shiftlights and RPM scale. The RPM scale and shiftlights can be optimised for each gear change for maximum acceleration efficiency, but can also have 2 settings based on a variable. A temperature sensor on the engine can be used to switch between the RPM/shiftlight settings ensuring that the engine is not overworked until it is up to temperature.


For a full specification of the DASH2 PRO please visit our knowledgebase here

The mounting template is available to download here

*note: these options are standard on all DASH2 PRO units bought from us from 1st July 2017. They are still listed here as options to upgrade units bought before this date.

Main Product (GBP 850.00)
Available Add-ons
DASH2 PRO 4 low side drivers and 4 extra analogue inputs (DASH2PROANA) (GBP 149.00)
DASH2 PRO 6g Accelerometers (DASH2PRO6GUPGRADE) (GBP 79.00)
*DASH2 PRO Advanced Options (DASH2PRODRIVERINFO) (GBP 200.00)
DASH2 PRO Built-in ECU serial interface (DASH2PROECUSERIAL) (GBP 100.00)
DASH2 PRO CAN Receive option (15 channels per option, max 7 per unit) (DASH2PROCANREC) (GBP 100.00)
DASH2 PRO CAN Transmit option (DASH2PROCANTRAN) (GBP 249.00)
*DASH2 PRO GPS Data Logging Upgrade (DASH2PROGPSLOG) (GBP 300.00)
DASH2 PRO PWM outputs enhancement (DASH2PRODIGI) (GBP 299.00)
DASH2 PRO second serial port enhancement (DASH2PROSERIAL) (GBP 50.00)
DASH2 PRO Button Set (DASH2 BUTTON) (GBP 30.00)
DASH2 PRO standard loom + sensor kit (DASH2PROLOOM) (GBP 325.00)

* - Main product required.