RT air temp sensor and loom - error in expression syntax

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RT air temp sensor and loom - error in expression syntax

Postby pete28 » Mon Jul 13, 2015 10:04 pm

i have just installed 2 air temperature sensors into an up and running DL1/Dash 3.
I am in no way an expert on this kit so please bare with me. I hope its something stupid.
So i have bought 2 RT air temp sensors with the loom (with pull up resistors)
I have taken a 5v reference supply and a ground supply from the DL1 and put these to the black and red wire to the sensors. the white wires have gone to analogue inputs 3 and 4. I have checked the supply and ground to the sensor. I have renamed inputs 3/4 accordingly.
When I load a session, I get the message 'error in expression syntax at position 0' twice, I guess for both sensors.
When i look at the logged data, I can see all the other information that is logged but both temp sensors have a flat line.
I have checked in the variable manager and can only find the drop down box for one Bosch air temperature sensor with 3 different temp options, F,C or Kelvin.
I assumed from the sensor info on the knowledge base that it was a plug and play?
Can anyone suggest where i may have gone wrong please?
many thanks.

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