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New installation

Postby beejay99 » Thu Jul 16, 2015 11:32 am

I am in the process of installing a DL1 SPORT/ DASH3 LITE GoPro combination into a small single-seat race car. While most of the instructions in the manual have been clear, there are a couple of things I would like some advice on. First, I propose mounting the GPS antenna so that it protrudes through the GRP bodywork where it will have a good sky view and be as far as possible from electrical interference from the ignition system. The manual advises that the antenna is mounted on a metal plate (ground plane); have other users got good results without this? If not does the plate have to be open to the sky or is it sufficient to mount the antenna on the plate with the antenna alone protruding through the bodywork?
Despite searching the knowledge base and this forum the biggest area of confusion for me relates to the compact flash card and the data stored on it. Do I have to use a, increasingly rare, 2GB card or will a 2GB partition on a larger drive work? I also really don't get how to use the downloadable .RUN and .MAP files to provide timing markers for the various circuits; do I have to manually load them to the card via the computer, and if so where? Finally, the manual (Page 14, 3.2.2 says the card should be inserted into the DL1 after the logger is powered up, is this correct?

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Postby Support » Thu Jul 16, 2015 2:19 pm

Hi There,

The instructions do indeed state that for best results the antenna should be placed on a metal surface. This is mainly to increase the reliability of GPS signal in places where reception can be poor. The UK is quite fortunate in that it has a good quality of GPS, provided the antenna is mounted on the highest point of the car in direct view of the sky you should have no problems at all.

Regarding data storage, we do recommend to use the 2gb card as stated in the manual, but we have found that larger cards can be used without a problem.

Run files can be loaded into the analysis software and .lap files generated from them, this is done by opening the track map option and clicking a point on the map you would like to add a marker. The first marker you add will always be a lap marker, every subsequent marker will be a sector. Once you are happy with the location press Ctrl+M on your keyboard, this opens the add marker options, click OK. your marker is added. Do this until you are happy with the number of marker on the track map and once happy you can save the file.

Go to File > Advanced Load/Saves > Save Markers/Sectors.

Give this file a name and click Save.

To use the file, simply drag and drop the file into the main directory of the DL1 memory card.

The lap marker file will be automatically picked up by the DL1 when a valid GPS lock is attained and the unit begins logging.

The memory card can be left in the DL1 on startup, an important thing to note however, is that all configuration files should be deleted from the card once used, as when the DL1 is turned on, it will look for these files and begin configuration, which will stall the unit on start up for a moments.

Kind Regards,
RT Support (SK)
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