DASH 3 - removing tabs/Screens

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DASH 3 - removing tabs/Screens

Postby MMiskoe » Sun Nov 29, 2015 11:26 pm

How do I get rid of all but two display screens on my DASH 3?

I have no real need for gear, speed, g-force etc. I want the lap time and the screen with the external inputs displayed. I want the system idiot proof for my endurance race co-drivers (pushing the down arrow button to scroll through screens is more than they can handle). I've searched on this How Do I... forum but come up bupkiss.

Also DASH 3 alarm functions - does the alarm function work against the raw data collected, or the result of any math applied to the displayed value? And if you create an alarm on a channel, how do you delete it? Any input value that does not have an alarm the variable manager reads "none set", but once I define one, I cannot seem to get it to return to "none set".


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Postby 924RACR » Mon Nov 30, 2015 2:21 pm

I seem to recall that if you set the alarms to the same high and low values, the alarm function goes away?

Not sure how to delete tabs.

One option might be to use a value-driven screen to keep the dash displaying always the same tab while the power's on... I accidentally did this on my car once, without intending to... That way no matter what buttons they push, they'll always see what you want them to.

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