Assign RT sensors to DL1 inputs w/ NEW Dash2 Config App

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Assign RT sensors to DL1 inputs w/ NEW Dash2 Config App

Postby Gregg » Mon Jul 03, 2017 7:00 pm

I'm contemplating replacing the Dash4 I'm currently using w/ a Dash2 that I've got sitting on the shelf. Greatly complicating things is that I'm really having trouble understanding how the new Dash2 (not Pro) config app deals with inputs/variables and consider it in many ways a step back from the old/original app. Adding to my displeasure is the absolute lack of useful documentation, unless you call this useful. :roll:

I have RT sensors for oil & water temp and oil pressure connected to analog inputs on my DL1 MK3. Unfortunately, it looks like the pre-built formulas for those sensors are only available when assigning to the Dash2's own analog inputs as here: ... ogueInputs

To make things more difficult, you do not get this dialog box (the one for Dash2 inputs) when you try to manually assign a formula to the DL1 inputs:


Instead you get this one and it only has the last two fields from the above dialog. There doesn't appear to be a way to enter the correct formula.



I also have questions about how to access Dl1 variables that I have CAN items mapped to because I can't figure out the logic determining which of the DL1 Mk3's non-analog inputs are available and there appears to be no way to modify your hard-coded labels as you can in your other apps.

What we really need is some consistency. You have variable manager in the Analyze app and an interface that works similarly to the variable manager in the Dash4 config app, yet the Dash2 & Dash2 Pro apps do things completely differently.

Support (D)
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Re: Assign RT sensors to DL1 inputs w/ NEW Dash2 Config App

Postby Support (D) » Tue Jul 04, 2017 10:10 am

Dear Customer,

Firstly thank you for your feedback on the new DASH2 configuration tool. We are still in the very early days of the new config tool and have much to improve & address in relation to customer feedback.

Other data sources section:

The DL1 MK3 has its own section where the standard equations can be applied. So in this case, the equations (standard or custom) are to be applied in the other products config tool. The channel should then be enabled in the DASH2 config tool to simply receive the already conditioned input.

Displaying DL1 CAN inputs:

In order for the DASH2 to display the CAN inputs the DL1 MK3 is receiving, the relevant variables have to be enabled in the other data sources section. For example, if you have RPM coming into the DL1 via CAN, you need to ensure that the engine speed (RPM) channel for the DL1 MK3 / CLUB is enabled in the other data sources section of the DASH2 config tool. My advice would be to open the other data sources section > ensure the 'Enable all channels' option along the top is the only option ticked/enabled > now select the 'Enable all' option at the bottom, this will enable all channels from the various products. Now if the DASH2 is receiving the data from the DL1 and the correct variable is set to display on the dash, the CAN channel data from the DL1 should be displayed on-screen.

Best regards,

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