What is the DASH2?


The DASH2 is a compact, water resistant data display unit which can be used either standalone or with our range of data logging products and GPS-based sensors.

When used in standalone mode, the DASH2 can monitor up to four analogue inputs, has inputs for engine speed and vehicle speed, non-resettable odometer and warning lights for full road legal operation.

When the DASH2 is connected to one of our data loggers, it can be further configured to display many more parameters including real time lap and sector times calculated from GPS data, any available analogue measurements (e.g. temperatures and pressures), RPM, wheel/shaft speeds etc. The actual data displayed can be set up for the user's specific requirements. You can also set independent alarms for all channels.

Who is the DASH2 designed for?

The DASH2 can be used for road, racing and vehicle testing applications. It extends the use of our loggers by allowing the user to see the data in real time in the vehicle. The DASH2 is very robust, making it ideal for demanding applications from single seaters to a professional engineering environment.


What does the DASH2 do?

The DASH2 either reads from sensors connected directly to the unit or via external sensors via serial communication with a Race Technology data logger. The data for each channel is then converted to the user's preferred units and displayed on the screen. For example you could display exhaust gas temperature or oil pressure, you can also set warning levels for each channel to indicate when a channel is too high or low. Crucially, the DASH2 also displays high accuracy lap and sector times, calculated from GPS data without the need for a trackside beacon. The actual data that the DASH2 displays, as well as the units etc can all be configured from a PC to the user's exact requirements. Five different user defined screens can be set up. Depending on the device that the DASH2 is connected to the following analogue input channels are available for display:

  DL2  DL1 

GPS-based lap and sector times

 Yes  Yes  Yes -


 Yes  Yes  Yes     Yes


 Yes  Yes  Yes -

Analogue channels (pressures, temps, etc)

16+4 8+4    4       4

Frequency channels

  4   4 - -


 Yes  Yes  Yes     Yes


 Yes  Yes  Yes     Yes

DASH2 features

In standalone mode the DASH2 offers the following features:

  • Diecast aluminium enclosure
  • High contrast, high visibility custom LCD display with EL backlight.
  • Dual 14-Way Binder 423 series connectors
  • 6 configurable shift lights
  • 4 analogue inputs - channel naming and scaling are fully user-configurable
  • Wheel speed input for vehicle speed and odometer reading
  • Non resettable odometer
  • Resettable trip counter
  • Engine speed input for RPM display and shift lights
  • Configurable RPM bargraph with user defined scale
  • Configurable peak RPM hold
  • Gear position indicator, calculated from speed and RPM or via connection to gearbox potentiometer
  • Max/Min recall with reset
  • Configurable alarms on all input channels
  • Inputs for four external switches to control operation and some setup options
  • Can be configured from any PC with a serial port
  • Warning lights for headlight main beam, left and right indicator, rear fog light, alternator output and brake malfunction
  • Set up in mph/miles or kph/km
  • 5 user defined screens of data
  • 5V reference output to drive external sensors
  • Optional configuration of one shift LED to act as an alarm condition indicator

When connected to a Race Technology data logger or performance meter the DASH2 can also offer the following additional features:

  • Up to 16 additional analogue data channels
  • Up to 4 additional frequency input for wheel speeds and shaft speeds
  • Lap and sector timing as well as predictive timing
  • Best lap recall
  • Lap counter
  • Editable target lap and sector times for driver pacing
  • Configuration upload directly from a PC or from the data logger
  • Vehicle and engine speed from data logger or direct input
  • Add markers or start/stop data logger from dashboard buttons

The actual information available for display depends on the hardware that the DASH2 is connected to, as shown in the table above.

DASH2 configuration

The data displayed on the DASH2 can be configured using the PC software provided, meaning that only the relevant data is visible and presented in the most helpful format. Using the configuration software you can control:

  • Which channels are displayed
  • Channel names
  • Channel scaling
  • The number of decimal places displayed for each channel
  • The number of channels displayed on the screen
  • The lower and upper warning levels for each channel
  • How long lap and sector times are displayed for
  • Target lap and sector times
  • How long warnings are displayed for
  • Behaviour of the peak RPM feature and RPM scaling

Other configuration options are set up directly on the DASH2, so there is no need to connect to a PC or data logger to set up any of the following:

  • Button functions
  • How long lap and sector times are displayed for
  • How long warnings are displayed for
  • Target lap and sector times
  • Displayed units MPH/KPH miles/km
  • Whether logger or internal data is used for speed and RPM display

Further information can be found in the DASH2 data sheet which can be downloaded in PDF format here.

The DASH2 instruction manual also contains more information about installing, setting up and operating the DASH2.

The overall dimensions of the DASH2 can also be downloaded here.

For further information on the DASH2 and its operation please visit our Knowledge Base here