DASH2 Frequently Asked Questions


How does the lap and sector timing work without a beacon?
Because the DASH2 uses the GPS data from the DL2/DL1/AX22 the system knows its position on the track. To mark the point as a lap or sector marker you simply press a button on the DL2/DL1/AX22. The DL2/DL1/AX22 then calculates the lap and sector times every time you subsequently pass that point on the track and transmits them to the dashboard for display.

If the GPS data is 5Hz, does this mean the times have a resolution of 0.2 seconds?

No, the system calculates the position very accurately and the lap times have a resolution of 0.01 seconds. Sector times are generally far more accurate than a traditional lap beacon system.

Can I directly compare the lap sector times from the display and the analysis software?

Yes, the track markers can be imported and exported from the analysis software.

Does the dashboard work with the DL90?

No, there is no serial output from the DL90 for the DASH2 to use.

Can the DASH2 be used on its own?

Yes. As well as reading and displaying the serial output from a data logger or performance meter, the DASH2 is provided with direct inputs for engine speed, wheel speed, 4 analogue inputs, and a range of other signals such as oil pressure warning, brake warning, main beam warning, etc. In fact the DASH2 has inputs to display all the mandatory information required for road use.