DASH2 Specifications




  • Custom die-cast aluminium enclosure, sealed to IP64.
  • Real time lap and sector times without a track side optical beacon
  • User configurable display, 5 screens of data
  • Compatible with the DL2, DL1, AX22 and SPEEDBOX products



Custom 826 Segment High Contrast LCD Display
Blue EL Backlight

Analogue Inputs

4 off 0-12V analogue inputs


4 button inputs for screen selection and operation.

Please note: Buttons are not supplied with the DASH2 as standard, but are available as an option.

Power Supply

12v nominal input, minimum of 10v, maximum of 15v. Current consumption of about 250mA.

Case Construction

Aluminium Diecast Enclosure sealed to IP64

Connector Type

2 x Binder '423 Series' Circular Multipole Connectors

Main Processor

40MHz RISC with embedded flash program memory

Serial Port

Auto selecting speed for receiving information in a standardised serial stream from our data logging products. Also used for re-flashing, diagnostics and configuration.


Factory tested from 0°C to +70°C

Further information can be found in the DASH2 data sheet which can be downloaded in PDF format here. The DASH2 instruction manual also contains more information about installing, setting up and operating the DASH2. The overall dimensions of the DASH2 can also be downloaded here.