DASH2 Hardware Supplied


A DASH2 system as shipped includes:

  • DASH2 display unit
  • Wiring loom with connectors to attach to DASH2, serial connector to attach to datalogger or PC and flying leads for power supply and other external connections
  • 1m serial lead (extension)
  • Race Technology Quick Start Guide
  • Mounting template
  • Custom carrying case

It is then simply a matter of connecting the DASH2 to your Race Technology data logger, performance meter or SPEEDBOX, connect the power supply and other external inputs and then you are ready to display and monitor a wide range of data in real time.


Please note: It is necessary to connect four external buttons to the DASH2 to operate the menu system and select different display screens. Buttons are not supplied with the DASH2 as standard because experience has shown that many customers wish to use their own buttons matching other equipment already installed in their vehicle. Race Technology can supply a set of four buttons if required or any momentary 'push to make' button may be used.