Example installations

Below you will find some common installations along with brief descriptions on how the individual components work together to create a complete vehicle solution. The great thing about Race Technology products is that you can start small and add to your data system as you go along creating a custom solution that fits perfectly for you.

Using the new DASH2 PRO display it is possible to specify a complete data logging and display system in a single compact package. All necessary engine parameters are either hardwired or can be accessed from the CAN bus using the CAN communication enhancement option. The DASH2 PRO will display any sensor data, RPM, gears, speed etc, along with lap/sector timing. With the GPS data logging (includes 2g accelerometers) enhancement option, all data can be displayed live and logged for post race analysis. Additional performance sensors can be added, for example suspension travel, enabling the suspension to be tuned for different circuits. All recorded data is referenced to the GPS track position enabling logical interpretation and analysis.

Road/track day car
The non invasive installation of this system allows the user to get the maximum out of their car on the weekend, and remove the whole system for the drive to work on Monday. The DL1 SPORT's GPS receiver measures speed, position and lap/sector times, whilst the built in accelerometers measure braking and cornering grip usage. Engine parameter data is streamed from the vehicle's OBD-II port, decoded and is also logged for additional vehicle performance data (e.g. RPM, pedal position, boost pressure). The DL1 SPORT's optional GoPro control is used to start/stop video recording and provide quickly synchronised data and HD video in the analysis software. The video can be viewed alongside the data, showing racing lines and adding further information to data analysis. HD videos complete with graphic data overlays can be created, using the HD video export tool in the analysis software. 

Closed top race/track day car
Using a combined video and data system helps to get a complete view of the action. Analysing the data with perfectly synchronised video can explain any anomalies in the data - traffic situations etc. It can also help with choosing the fastest line, see your track position and see the results alongside. Also in the system is the DASH4PRO display to feedback live lap/sector times and live time slip rate to the driver - Showing red LEDs when slower, and green when faster than previous sectors. Engine parameters (such as RPM, boost pressure, temperatures) are decoded from the vehicle's CAN stream or aftermarket ECU using the CAN receive enhancement option for the DL1 CLUB.

Single seater race car
With 2 display options, either a compact steering wheel mounted DASH4PRO or the larger DASH2 display. All engine parameters are accessed via the ECU interface, logged on the DL1 PRO data logger, and displayed in the DASH4PRO/DASH2. Alarms are set to monitor water and oil temp/pressure without cluttering up the display area. Additional suspension travel sensors are added to the car's setup, enabling the engineers to analyse and optimise the setup for different tracks and conditions and see the effects of the aerodynamic downforce. For high downforce vehicles more grip is available so we recommend the 6g accelerometer enhancement option for the DL1 PRO.