DASH4PRO Configuration Software

Configuration software is supplied to set up the DASH4PRO displays. It is used to set up shiftlights and layout the screen data areas with text, graphs and their associated variables. Both DASH4PRO OLED and DASH4PRO LCD display products share the same features, only the display type is different, so all configuration functions apply to both models.

The software configures the DASH4PRO by connection to the PC (using PC programming lead, or USB connection through a DL1), or by saving the configuration to a memory card and programming via a DL1/VIDOE4. If connected to a PC, the configuration on the unit can be read back, this makes small adjustments quick and easy.


The software can be used to set up multiple screens displaying different variables. These screens can be scrolled through using the keypad on the unit, or can be set to switch depending on a variables value. Upper and lower limits can be assigned to variables, and when these limits are exceeded the screen can be set to switch to monitor the relevant variables. Lap and sector screens are set to appear at the completion of a lap or sector.

The software has a design area where sizes, positions, and variables can be changed.

The variable tree to the right of the screen offers a simple drag and drop way of assigning variables to the displayed control. The variable tree easily enables changes to units and more advanced optimisation including smoothing of the data, alarms, and maximum rate of change.

All our software is available as a single download which includes all programs and the documentation. This is available for free download here.

For more information on how to configure your hardware please visit out Knowledge Base here