DL1 Configuration Software

DL1 Configuration

Configuration software is provided for our whole DL1 range of products. Our software installation includes configuration for legacy products as well as our latest range.

We provide a separate configuration program for our DL1 SPORT product, with the emphasis being on simplicity and ease of use. This configuration software provides all the essential functions in an easy to understand format. Setting up data rates, RPM source and GoPro control with single tick boxes. Use the software to create the configuration file, place it on the memory card and insert it into the DL1 SPORT.

The DL1 MK3 configuration software is for use with our DL1 CLUB, DL1 PRO and DL1 WP products, our 3rd generation of DL1s. For these products the software allows full control of all aspects, from customised live data equations to individual sample rates on all channels.

The configuration software generates a small configuration file. To configure the 3rd generation DL1 you can either use the memory card or connect to the unit via USB. The configuration software controls:

  • Sample rate of each channel sent to the compact flash card

  • Sample rate of each channel sent over the serial communications port to dashboards etc

  • The naming convention for folder and file names

  • Start and stop trigger conditions, for example the unit can be set to start logging as soon as it detects any movement

  • Loop mode configuration - allows continuous logging whilst waiting for an event such as collision detection

  • Variable mapping - sending to named channels
  • Unit control inputs
  • CAN input and output formats, loadable from DBC files
  • Output drivers and PWM output control conditions (if option specified on the logger)

All our software is available as a single download which includes all programs and the documentation. This is available for free download here.

For more information on how to configure your hardware please visit out Knowledge Base here