With over 10000 Race Technology systems sold, and many 1000s in regular use all over the world we have to limit the amount of technical support we can give. We sometimes have customers wanting a lengthy discussion with an engineer on the phone about a system that is many years old that they bought on e-bay. Whilst we do our absolute best please be reasonable and helpful, we simply cannot afford to give that level of assistance!


For general information please refer to our on-line knowledge base. The forum is also well used, questions can either be answered by other users, our technical staff check for unanswered questions every day.


With regards are formal conditions for technical support please read the following "reasonable use" guidelines:

  • Technical support is available from the vendor that you bought the equipment from. If the vendor cannot or will not help for any reason, then you can contact us subject to the limitations below.
  • Technical support is free for the original purchaser of the equipment, we cannot offer free support to any items bought "second hand" irrespective of the whether the unit was bought as an individual item, or came installed in a vehicle. If you do need help then we are happy to do so, but there is an hourly charge.
  • For race equipment product support is by email only.  For equipment recently bought directly from us (in the past 6 months) is also endeavour to also give assistance on the instant chat system or telephone – however this depends on who is available in the office.
  • For industrial test systems, email and telephone support is freely available for the lifetime of the equipment.
  • On-site technical assistance is available but is chargeable. If you think this is needed please call the office to check availability and quote.
  •  We endeavour to reply to all email support issues within 24 hours Monday-Friday, however, again this is not a guaranteed service and in some cases it can take longer depending on who is available.
  • Please note that if the unit is installed incorrectly then it is impossible to subsequently correct the data.
  • As with all electronic equipment there maybe issues in operation from time to time and we cannot guarantee recording valid data in every event.  The failure to operate on a particular occasion does not constitute a warranty matter unless the fault can be reproduced.

The support email address is


Kind regards,

Race Technology Ltd