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BRAKEBOX / DownloadingData

Downloading data from the BRAKEBOX

If the brake test data is stored in internal memory of the BRAKEBOX, you can either :

  • recall this information on the BRAKEBOX itself and display results on the data display and/or print results
  • download the data to a PC for more detailed analysis using the Race Technology analysis software.

Reviewing saved results using the BRAKEBOX

To recall a saved run using the BRAKEBOX, enter the “Recall Results” menu from the root menu. Two options are available under Recall Results – “List Results” and “Show Memory Usage”. By selecting “List Results”, the user is presented with a chronological list of saved test results. The List is automatically positioned at the start (the oldest test) when first entered, but one useful feature of the list is that it wraps, so the latest test can be selected with one press of the UP button.

Use the UP and DOWN buttons to find the test required for review, and then press SET to select it. The results will then be displayed in a similar manner as at the end of a test, but using the current configuration settings when selecting which variables to show and generating the tables. Note that you will be prompted whether printing is required regardless of the configuration setting when reviewing results, so it is not necessary to turn off automatic printing should you merely with to view old results on the screen.

The “Show Memory Usage” menu entry can be used to give an indication of the memory remaining. The BRAKEBOX has storage for a maximum 55 minutes of data, but in practice the figure will be slightly lower due to the necessity of saving header information with each run.

Downloading Data to the PC

Connect the PC to the BRAKEBOX using a null modem cable. This is connected between a serial port on the PC and the printer output on the BRAKEBOX loom.

Start the "Analysis" program from the Race Technology v7 software suite. Before downloading data, ensure that the BRAKEBOX is idle. No connection will be possible if the unit is armed, if a test is in progress, or if the the unit is displaying unsaved test results. When ready, select File->Download Data from the analysis program menu in order to download a list of the stored results (figure 1).

Figure 1. List of stored BRAKEBOX tests.

Select the required runs by clicking in the box to the left of the run name, and click the Download button to download them. The next step will be slightly different depending if one run or multiple runs is/are selected. If one run only is selected, then the run will be automatically downloaded into memory and processed, but NOT saved to disk. The run can be saved by using File->Advanced Load/Saves->Save Logged Data from the menu. If multiple runs are selected, the user will be prompted to select to either download the runs to be saved to disk, or to download the runs into memory and process them. If the runs are saved to disk, they can be loaded into the analysis software using File->Load Logged Data from the menu. If instead the runs are loaded into memory and processed, they will NOT be automatically saved, but can be saved using File->Advanced Load/Saves->Save Logged Data from the menu.

Once a run is loaded into the analysis software, it can be viewed using the full range of graphing and analysis tools available within the Race Technology software. The Race Technology software contains an extremely rich feature set, the description of which is beyond the scope of this document; full details can be found in the Software section of the main help file.


In the event of failure to connect to the BRAKEBOX, the user will be presented with the message shown in figure 2 after clicking Logger->Download Data.

Figure 2. Connection Error Message.

There are a number of possible reasons for failure to connect, and the checklist below should be worked through in order:


  • Check that the BRAKEBOX is switched on and working, and that it is in the idle state. This can be verified by selecting display mode.


  • Check that a working NULL modem cable is being used to connect the PC to the BRAKEBOX. Verify this by using the cable in a known working serial link.
  • Check that the correct connection on the BRAKEBOX cable loom is being used. The PC downloader uses the Printer/PC output, NOT the display output.
  • Check that the correct serial port on the PC is configured within the BRAKEBOX analysis software, using Logger->Set Serial Port from the menu.
  • Many modern PCs do not properly implement the full RS232 specification in order to cut costs. In the event that all of the above issues have been checked and problems persist, try using an alternative PC, or an alternative serial port. USB to RS232 adaptors have been found to often give a more reliable link, and are available from most good computer stores, or direct from Race Technology if required.
Page last modified on June 09, 2010, at 11:26 AM