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BRAKEBOX / StoringAndReviewingResults

Storing and Reviewing Results from the BRAKEBOX

The BRAKEBOX can be set up to store the results of brake testing into the internal non-volatile memory of the unit, for later viewing and/or printing. Setting up the BRAKEBOX to do this is covered in the configuration menu section of the manual.

To recall a saved run using the BRAKEBOX, enter the “Recall Results” menu from the root menu. Two options are available under Recall Results – “List Results” and “Show Memory Usage”. By selecting “List Results”, the user is presented with a chronological list of saved test results. The List is automatically positioned at the start (the oldest test) when first entered, but one useful feature of the list is that it wraps, so the latest test can be selected with one press of the UP button.

Use the UP and DOWN buttons to find the test required for review, and then press SET to select it. The results will then be displayed in a similar manner as at the end of a test, but using the current configuration settings when selecting which variables to show and generating the tables. Note that you will be prompted whether printing is required regardless of the configuration setting when reviewing results, so it is not necessary to turn off automatic printing should you merely wish to view old results on the screen.

The “Show Memory Usage” menu entry can be used to give an indication of the memory remaining. The BRAKEBOX has storage for a maximum 55 minutes of data, but in practice the figure will be slightly lower due to the necessity of saving header information with each run.

Page last modified on June 09, 2010, at 11:05 AM