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Configuration / TheBurningTab

Burn Tab

The Burn Tab contains the following items:

  • Create ISO image if checked, this application will create a DVD image file. This file will subsequently be copied onto the DVD during the burn process. Conversely, if this feature is unchecked, an ISO image file will not be created and hence a DVD cannot be created. In this case, the process will cease after DVD folder structure has been created.
    • File Name - Allows you to specify the path, where ISO image is saved.

  • Burn Project to Disc if checked, this feature will burn the ISO image to DVD. If left unchecked, the process will cease after the ISO image has been created.
    • Disc Label this shows the label for the created DVD
    • Drive this gives a dropdown list of the available DVD writers on the computer. You will have to select the DVD writer which has been loaded with a blank DVD for the DVD burning process.

  • Delete ISO Image after burning by checking this box, you will ensure that the ISO image is deleted after burning the DVD.
Page last modified on July 01, 2009, at 01:30 PM