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Configuration / TheGeneralTab


The General Tab contains the following items:

  • Target size – use the drop down menu to select the size of the DVD that you wish to use. You may choose from the following options:
  • Custom size – this feature can be used to enter/display the target DVD size in MB (mega bytes). You can only edit the value in this box when ‘Custom’ is selected in the‘Target size’ combo box. In all other situations, the option is disabled and is used to display the DVD target size.
  • Encoder priority – Use this option to set/view the priority of the application/process.

  • Keep intermediate encoded audio and video files – if this box is checked, the application will not delete some of the temporary files that used in the DVD encoding/burning process. These files are located in the \Race Technology\DVD Burn\ folder.
  • Add run files - This option must be selected, if you want to save the run data(.run files) along with video data to the DVD. for more information click here
Page last modified on July 21, 2009, at 12:10 PM