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ConfiguringTheDASH3Unit / DASH3StandardConfiguration

DASH3 standard configuration

The DASH3 is highly configurable and can be set up to display almost any combination of information on multiple screens using the PC software provided. However, the DASH3 is supplied with what we would consider to be a very typical configuration and in many applications this setup maybe used without modification. On the four data screens we have:

1. On screen 1 a large display of speed and gear, this is the information that is most typically requested for display during a race.

2. On screen 2 we are displaying critical vehicle data, Oil pressure, Water temperature and Fuel level. Note that this is set up assuming that oil pressure is on analogue input 1 of the DL1, water temperature is on analogue input 3 of the DL1 and fuel level is on analogue input 4 of the DL1. Oil pressure and water are assumed to be standard Race Technology sensors, however fuel level is left to be calibrated by the user.

3. Screen 3 is set up to show both the absolute level of longitudinal (acceleration/braking) acceleration, and lateral (cornering) acceleration as both a fixed scale bar graph (0 to 1.4g) and a simple text display. This screen is typically used for driver instruction.

4. Screen 4 is set up with lap timing information, at the top left we have a display of the best lap time that has been achieved, at the bottom left we have the predictive lap time for the current lap and on the right of the screen a lap counter.

Note that on each of the 4 data screens there is additional information setup on the far right of the screen. From the top we have a display of the screen number that is currently displayed, below that we have “G” displayed when the DL1 has a GPS lock and below that we have an “L” displayed when the DL1 is logging. The sector screen that is displayed at the end of each sector is set up to display the sector time that has just been achieved and below this a how much fast or slower this was compared with the best time for that sector.

The lap screen that is displayed at the end of every lap, is very similar to the sector screen – it displays the time for the last lap and how much faster or slower this was compared with the best lap.

Finally on the minimum and maximum displays shows some of the parameters that it might be useful to check after a race, or track session. These are Speed, RPM, Lateral acceleration, Oil pressure and Water temperature.

Page last modified on September 16, 2008, at 02:42 PM