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DASH1 / Installation

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  1. 1. DASH1 Installation
    1. 1.1 Mounting
    2. 1.2 Powering The DASH1

1.  DASH1 Installation

1.1  Mounting

The DASH1 product does not come with any mounting components. If you wish to mount the DASH1 temporarily, you can use BluTak™, Velcro™ pads/strips or double sided tape. These are used at the owners discretion. These may damage the interior of your car.

To mount the unit permanently, the DASH1 comes with 4 mounting brackets incorporated into the unit's casing. You must purchase 4mm screws, as the DASH1 does not come with any. Please bear in mind that mounting the DASH1 onto your car WILL damage the interior.

1.2  Powering The DASH1

The DASH1 draws it's power directly through the connection to the Data Logging Unit. Please note, that DASH1 comes with a connector for either a serial port (RS-232) or the DL2 connector type (as specified by the purchaser at the time of purchase). This means that you cannot use a DL2 type DASH1 with an RS-232 port data logger.

Once connected, when the Data Logging Unit is turned on, the DASH1 will power up.

Page last modified on July 23, 2007, at 01:10 PM