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DASH1 / LapTiming

Predictive Lap Times

Predictive lap times are a function to display statistics about your time, and gives a comparative time slip. The predictive times will only be displayed for a few seconds, when you pass a Sector Marker. The DASH1 will store the values for the sector times it receives from the data Logging device. For this to work, you must have a Lap and Sector markers set up on your Data Logger. You can set these up in two ways. Either by creating a .LAP file through the analysis software, or by manually adding them as you are going round the track, either through the DASH1 or a button connected to the DL1 or DL2. Click here for a more detailed description of adding track markers manually.

When you complete a sector, the Data Logger will send the time to the DASH1. This will process the data into two tables. A table for the Best Lap times, and one for the Best Sector times. The Best Lap times table on the DASH1 will store all the sectors for the fastest lap so far.

A representation of this is as follows:

SectorBest LapBest Sector

In this example, the Best lap would have a time of 2:13.99. This is what the Predictive lap times compares to. After you have one complete lap, the Predictive lap times can be calculated. When you complete a sector, it will compare it against the Best Lap and the Best Sector times so far. The DASH1 will display the following:


On the top row, the DASH1 will display the time for the sector, and the difference between that sector, and the best time for that sector. In this example, the sector time was 0:30.62, which is 0.21 of a second slower than the fastest time for the same sector.

On the bottom row, the DASH1 will display the time for the Lap so far, i.e. if you have completed 2 out of 3 sectors, it will show the cumulative time for the first two sectors, and compare this against the fastest lap. In this example, only the first sector has been completed, and when compared to the first sector of the fastest lap, , it is 0.19 of a second slower. This is indicated on the right hand side.

After the second sector, which was completed in 0:41.53, the display would show the following:


The top row shows the sector time for that sector, and the difference between it and the fastest time for that sector previously recorded. In this example, the second sector was completed exactly one second faster. The bottom row shows the cumulative time for the first and second sectors, and the comparison of this against the same sectors for the fastest lap so far. In this example, 0.81 of a second faster.

The predictive lap will assume that from this point, you will neither gain nor lose time from the last sector marker you passed. In this example, it means that the DASH1 will assume that after you have passed the second track marker, for the rest of the lap, you will be 0.81 seconds faster, so when the predictive lap is displayed, it would show:

2:13:18 -0.81

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