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DASH1 / Operation

1.  DASH1 Operation

When you first turn on your DASH1, you will be prompted with the following:

Race Technology

There are a few features of the DASH1 which can be set up directly from the unit, these features are covered here. The rest of the setting up and operation of the unit is done from the computer. For more information on this aspect of the operation, read the instructions here.

1.1  DASH1 Menu Operation

The DASH1 has 4 buttons, UP and DOWN arrows on the left hand side, and SET and MENU on the right hand side. The UP, DOWN and SET buttons are programmable, you can set these to different functions when NOT in the menu mode. The MENU button will ALWAYS take you into the menu.

Please note, when you select a menu option with the SET button, it will enable you to change it. When you press the SET button again, it will take you back to the display.

While in the menu, use the UP and DOWN buttons to scroll through the menu options, and the SET button to select an option. If you press the SET button to change an option, a C will appear in the bottom left of the display.

The options are as follows:

Predictive lap times OnThe first option on the menu allows to toggle whether the Predictive lap times option is on or not. More Information
RPM Filtering OffThis will apply a smoothing filter to the incoming RPM data when activated. It only has two settings, on or off
Logging status disp Shift LightThis option is for when you cannot see the Data Logging Unit. When you set this option to Shift Light, the first gear light, 1, will light when the unit is logging. When set to None, the DASH1 will not indicate when you are logging data. More Information
Warning/sector timesSelecting this option enables you to set how long the warnings and lap/sector times are displayed for, the times are set in multiples of 1s.
Edit button functionsThis option allows you to change the function of the UP, DOWN and SET buttons when you are NOT in the menu. When you select this option, the display will change to:
  • Press button to change function of:

Press the UP, DOWN or SET button.

The display will now change to:

  • UP button function Increment Menu

The top line displays which button you have chosen to edit the function of.

The bottom line displays the function you are choosing for the button. The functions are:

Increment Menu - scrolls through the screens in ascending order. Decrement Menu - scrolls through the screens in descending order. Start/stop logger - Toggles the logging function on the DL1/DL2. Reset Value 1 - This sets the current value for Value 1 as the "zero point". Reset Value 2 - This sets the current value for Value 2 as the "zero point". Add Marker - This manually adds a track marker to the DL1/DL2. Reset Lap Times - Resets lap and sector times Disabled - this means that nothing happens when you press the button outside of the Menu. Press SET to choose the function you want. This will take you back to the Menu.

Reset Value 1

This sets the current value for Value 1 as the "zero point". More Information Reset Value 2

This sets the current value for Value 2 as the "zero point". More Information

1.2  Warning And Shift Lights

The DASH 1 has 6 bright LEDs mounted within the unit. 5 of these are the shift lights, and are labelled 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5. The 6th LED is labelled A.

The LED labelled A is the warning light. This is designed to respond to any external sensors you have connected to your Data Logging Unit. Please note that to utilise the warning light, you must set up your DASH1 using the Configuration Tool. In the Configuration Tool, you can set up the limits for the other inputs you have connected to the unit. When the sensor exceeds these limits, the warning light will show. The length of time the warning is shown for can be set from the menu, you can also clear warning by pushing any button on the unit.

The Shift Lights must be configured before they can be used. Also, you need to have an RPM sensor connected to your Data Logging Unit. The DASH1 requires that you set up the .CAR file up to the RPM that you want to shift at. Also, you must set up the intervals for the previous lights to come on at.

For more information on the setup utility, click here.

Please note, if you have the Logging Status Display option set to Shift Light, then the first Shift Light will be on when the Data Logging Unit is actually logging. The lights numbered 2-5 will be used for the Shift warning only.

1.3  Resetting Values

There is the option to offset up to 2 values on the DASH1. This is useful if you have a sensor where you want to set the current reading as the "zero point". For example, you have set up an oil pressure sensor, and you want a warning to come on when the pressure changes by 30psi above the resting pressure. You would use the DASH1 Configuration Tool to set up the High alarm to occur at +30psi and the Low alarm to occur -30psi. Then, when you have started up the Data Logging Unit and the DASH1 with the engine off, press the MENU button, and then scroll with the UP or DOWN button until you get to Reset Value 1. Then press the SET button and you will see the following screen:

Reset Value 2

From here, you will be able to choose any of the variables available to the DASH1, each with an 8 character name (you can rename these in the DASH1 Configuration Tool). This sets which value will be reset on this command. Once you have set your variable to reset you will be taken back to the main screen. Press the MENU button and scroll through to Edit button functions, and press one of the UP, DOWN or SET button, and scroll through to Reset Value 1 and select this. Now when you are out of the menu, whenever you press the button you set to Reset Value 1, it will set the current value for that variable as the offset. So if the pressure was reading 25psi, the DASH1 will subtract this from all values before comparing it to the alarm system.

Please note, if you were to reset a variable via Reset Value 1, then go through the menu and select a second value for the Reset Value 1 function, the DASH1 would forget the first setting, and the first variable would take on it's default reading

1.4  Lap timing with the DASH1

When used in conjunction with a DL1/DL2, or AX22 the DASH1 can provide lap and sector time information to the driver. For more information on this, see here.

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