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DASH3 / LapTimingOnDASH3

Lap timing on DASH3

Lap timing is one of the most important parameters for every racer. This information can be displayed in a number of ways on the DASH3lite and the standard DASH3 to ensure that the most important information is presented in a clear and concise way, tailored to the user’s exact preference.

There are six key lap timing parameters that the DASH3 calculates:

• Lap counter. This is a simple counter to show which lap you are on.

• Sector time. This is the time it took to complete the last sector

• Lap time. This is the time up to that point on the lap

• Delta sector time. This indicates how much faster or slower your last sector was compared with your best overall time for that same sector

• Delta lap time. This indicates how much faster or slower you are going compared with the same point on your best lap

• Predictive lap time. This makes a calculation - based on your current completed sectors in this lap – and displays a prediction of what lap time will be. This prediction is based upon the assumption that you will complete all of the remaining sectors in the same time that it took you during your best lap.

Any combination of these parameters can be displayed as each lap or sector is completed, in a format that is specified using the configuration software. The unit comes pre-configured with the most common options, so that it can be used without any need for reconfiguration.

Using the DASH3 Lap Timing Functions

To use the DASH3 lap timing functions the unit must be connected to a Race Technology DL1 or DL2 data logger. The data logger monitors when the vehicle has passed a track marker and sends the lap or sector timing information to the DASH3 which displays the data and stores best lap and sector times. The lap timing functions only operate when the data logger is logging data. If the logger is just monitoring sensors and sending this information to the DASH3 no lap or sector times will be displayed. The lap timing functions use GPS data from the data logger, so can only function correctly when the logger has a valid GPS lock.

Lap timing functions use GPS coordinates as track markers to define sectors and laps. These markers can be added either by setting up a button on the DASH3 to add a marker, by using a dedicated button connected to the data logger, or by adding them to data using the Race Technology Analysis Software and saving the resulting .LAP file to the memory card for transfer to the data logger. Following sections explain each of these options detail.

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