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DL1 / RecalibratingTheAnalogueChannels

Recalibrating the DL1 analogue channels.

IMPORTANT: This operation is not recommended unless it is required. If you calibrate the unit incorrectly then Race Technology Ltd reserve the right to charge to reset it.

The procedure requires:

  • You are running the latest DL1 firmware
  • A computer with a serial port
  • A serial lead

1/ Format a compact flash card with FAT16 or FAT not FAT32

2/ Go to the DL1 configuration program and set the “autostart source” to be #99. This will turn off the serial output of the DL1 and enable the calibration procedure to be carried out.

3/ Copy the setup.bin file to the root directory of the compact flash card.

4/ Insert the compact flash card into the DL1 and turn the DL1 on. The DL1 will read the setup.txt file and turn its serial output off.

5/ Connect the DL1 to the PC using the serial cable that was supplied with it.

6/ Start HyperTerminal communications program. Hyperterminal is a standard windows program that comes included for free with windows – depending on your version of windows, it can normally be found under the windows “start” menu, then programs, accessories, communications.

7/ Once HyperTerminal is started it will prompt you for a “name” – this is not important to operation and anything can be entered… enter “DL1” for example.

8/ Under “Connect using” set the serial port that the DL1 is connected to. Click OK

9/ Under “Port Settings” set 115200 Bits per second, 8 Data bits, Parity None, 1 Stop bit and Flow Control to None. Click OK.

10/ Turn the DL1 off and on, you should get a message in HyperTerminal of “© Race Technology 2004”

11/ Connect the 5v output to all four 5v analogue channels (channels 1-4 on MK2 DL1)and a steady 12v to the three 12v analogue channels (four channels, 5-8 on MK2 DL1).

12/ Wait a few seconds and enter an “S”, note it must be uppercase!

13/ Each analogue channel will be calibrated in turn. If you get a message after an analogue channel saying high or low error then the input on that channel is out of spec and the channel will not be calibrated properly. Correct the input and go back to 12.

14/ All that remains is to turn the serial output back on. To do this reset the autostart source to none, and copy the resulting setup.bin file onto the CF card.

Once it has been changed and saved back to the card, then insert the CF card into the DL1 and turn the DL1 on.

15/ Finally connect the DL1 to the Dl1 monitor program in the normal way and check the calibration.

Page last modified on May 12, 2009, at 09:30 AM