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DL2 / Operation

1.  Operating the DL2

1.1  Sampling Data with the DL2

  • Connect the GPS antenna to the rear of the DL2.
  • Connect the DL2 to a valid power supply, after a short pause the power light on the front of the unit will come on and the status light will start flashing rapidly.
  • Insert a freshly formatted compact flash card into the slot, the status light will stop flashing for a second or 2 then start again when the DL2 is ready to log data.
  • Press the "Start/Stop Logging" button on the front of the DL2, the "Logging" light will come on indicating that the DL2 is writing data to the compact flash card.

To stop data logging:

  • Press the Start/Stop Logging button on the front of the DL2, the "Logging" light will go out.
  • ONCE THE LOGGING LIGHT HAS GONE OUT, eject the Compact flash card from it's slot.
  • Power can now be disconnected if required.
  • Put the compact flash card in a suitable reader and check a file has been written to it.

1.2  Real Time Output

Practically the whole time the DL2 is powered up it is outputting data in real time to it's external serial connectors, this can be used for a number of applications including DASH1, and for checking the logger inputs using the monitor software. Please note, the connectors for the DL2 serial port are on Conn-2. For more information on the DL2 connectors, click here.

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